No catch, we promise. We've partnered with over 300 major online retailers that pay Givebuy a commission when you shop with them. We then forward that commission to our featured cause (or a non-profit of your choice). It takes just a few seconds to get the free Givebuy add-on and you'll be helping out causes like this one every time you shop online. The best part? It doesn't change your shopping experience in the least bit AND it will never cost you a single penny extra!

Does my shopping experience change?

No. Your shopping experience doesn't change at all and you don't pay 1 cent more. The Givebuy add-on simply notifies retailers of your support, they pay us a commission for the sale which we forward to your cause or our Featured Charity

One word: IncentiveRetailers understand that consumers are more likely to shop with them if they're giving a percentage of the sale to charity

Why do retailers donate?

Our partnered retailers generally give around 6% of each purchase to charity. On average, a single Givebuy user will earn $100+ annually for their favorite charity.

How much can I earn?

Here are a few popular questions we come across

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Partnered Charities

We've partnered with tons of great charities that benefit from Givebuy each and every day. Our current list of partnered charities is constantly growing and users have the ability to add new charities that are not listed through the Givebuy Homepage

Over 300 Retailers

We've partnered with over 300 major online retailers that give up to 10% of any purchase you make to charity at no extra cost to you. Our list of retailers is constantly growing each week and you can View our current list here

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Givebuy's Current Cause

Summer is HOT in the USA and every single year there are hundreds of dogs that die in hot cars. It only takes 15 minutes for 90°F to turn into 144°F inside of a car and that results in possible brain damage or death for your pet. Givebuy is working to get this sign posted in local parking lots & stores to educate people on why they should never leave their dog in a hot car.

So how can you help? With the free Givebuy add-on in your toolbar retailers will donate to this cause and several others like it when you make online purchases and it doesn't cost you a single penny extra.

No Dogs in Hot Cars, No Pets in Hot Cars, No Children in Hot Cars

What's the Catch?

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Givebuy accepts & appreciates ANY donation amount. Without donations we aren't able to do cool stuff like this. Please consider helping us out! Any amount you pledge will be used for this cause and several others just like it. Thanks!

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